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We recently updated our hardware infrastructure. There was some downtime with our node during that time. But now we are back with more improved hardware infrastructure. Uptime is back again. Your stakes were safe with us during our infrastructure update, and they continue to be safe with us. %

Total stake so far NYM.

Stake saturation: %

We charge only 3% fee which means 97% of the reward will be returned back to the delegators.


We continuously monitor our node 24/7. Using Javascripts, we continuously fetch node performance data from NYM API and monitor them automatically. Below you can see the uptime history of our NYM mixnet node in real time. The average uptime for our node so far has been above %. So we do deliver a good quality node. We use high end server with 24/7 uptime and with a stable bandwidth. In the future we plan to set up a notification system where we (node runner) are notified with an sms when the node uptime goes below 90%.


The latest node status is monitored continuously and automatically updated here.

Node Status:

Current Epoch status

1 hour connection

1 Day connection


Rewards are important part of delegation. We collect, display and monitor rewards with real time update.


Rewards Info:

Total reward per epoch


Operator reward per epoch


Delegators reward per epoch



Finally, the number of packets mixed by our node is monitored and updated in real time and is listed below:


Mixnet Packets mixed since startup by our node:

Total packets Received

Total packets Sent

Explicitly Dropped